New Gallery Opens in Northbrook, Illinois

Lloyd Shin Gallery has opened at 1141 Church St. on Cherry St. ( next to Sunset Foods) in Northbrook.  The gallery is currently showing works from its collection.  This is an eclectic mix, with an emphasis on early to mid- 20th century European and American art.  You will find works by Braque, Matisse, Paul Klee, Pollock, as well as a couple of Fantin-Latours.  The Zhou brothers, well-known in Chicago, are represented here. 

 Mr. Shin is friendly and knowledgeable and very interesting to talk to.  Ask him abou the time he worked with Christo to wrap classical Greek statuary at the museum at Olympia, Greece.   He moved his gallery from its original location on Superior St.  in River North.  It is well worth a visit to an unlikely location in a strip mall.  I hope the community will support the presence of blue-chip art in our midst.  Best wishes to Mr. Shin in his enterprise.


3 responses to “New Gallery Opens in Northbrook, Illinois

  1. Dear Lloyd,
    I’m looking in your pages and read your texts. Its sounds (vielversprechend) promising.
    Best regards to Arnold, I saw, he is working in Chicago too.
    Its a petty, that my english is still wrong, excuse me
    ganz fest and best regards


  2. Steve Friedlander

    The Lloyd Shin Gallery in his new location is amazing. Where in the North Shore area can you see and buy artwork like; Matisse, Monet, De Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Paul Klee and many more Masters! I love to just walk around and look at these Masters work.


  3. Hello Lloyd ! I h aven’t seen you over 20 years. Do you remenber me ? This is Yoko who lives in Kyoto Japan. Would you give me E-mail privately ? Give my best regards to Elizabeth and Arnold. Yoko


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