Making It Work In Wilmette

 Carol Ysla Battrell in her Wilmette Gallery, with paintings by Ann O'Brien in the background

Carol Ysla Battrell is an artist and gallerist in Wilmette, Illinois.  She provides portrait photography for her clientele while presenting gallery exhibitions in her elegant space at 150 Laurel Avenue in Wilmette (1/2 block from the Linden Avenue Metra station).

She has an excellent eye for painting, photography and sculpture and offers work that is well-crafted, relevant and sometimes whimsical.  Her opening receptions have been packed, for the most part.  She sees some reticence in buyers due to the recession, but says that people are still looking at art and buying what moves them.

In addition to her work as a photographer/portrait artist, Carol creates exquisite, intricate drawings that are both folkloric in appearance and oddly obsessive.

Drawing by Carol Ysla Battrell, archival inks and colored pencil

Drawing by Carol Ysla Battrell, archival inks and colored pencil

For Gallery and Carol’s photographic portfolio, see:

For Carol’s drawings, see:

For Ann O’Brien’s paintings, see:

5 responses to “Making It Work In Wilmette

  1. is this your first comment? i like your web site and may pick your brain for help with the one i am starting. and your art is fab.! (if you’d only turn on the lights.)

    fun being goofy with nancy, you and aaron last night. see you around the dog beach.



  2. Thank you for your nice comments! But, I think you may be mistaking me for someone else, I haven’t been to a dog beach.


  3. Looks good! Nice picture of Carol–and, of course, I love the art in the background.
    I’m hoping it’s a smashing success.


  4. Carol,
    It’s good to see you’ve maintained and fed the passion you had so many years ago. I’m very proud to have once been part of that passion.



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