What Makes You Hot? (Creatively)

Get sweaty… (from dancing).  Paint until your eyes are ready to roll out of your head, your tendonitis has your tendons singing, your back cracks, your neck creaks like a gravel pit… don’t write to me if you’re avoiding your creative work.  But if you’ve been strumming guitar strings until the callouses broke and bled, take a break and share your creative foreplay with the rest of us.

How do you get yourself to start working on art?  For me, it’s not always easy.  If I find myself in avoidance mode, but I really want to work (or am on a deadline for a project), here are some of my tricks:

  • tidy up the studio, get the stage set for fresh work
  • do the easy part first, work up to the harder parts
  • get my hand moving, even if it’s just mixing colors.
  • Mix those colors, they’re like an aphrodisiac to a painter
  • Listen to music for inspiration
  • Honestly, in season I listen to the Cubs on the radio (and the hours fly by).  If they’re winning, I feel confident that even an artist can make it in this world.  If they’re losing, I wallow in the sweet, solitary pain of the artistic life (which is a lot like the life of a Cubs fan– moments of joy in a life of unrequited love)
  • show my artist friends what I’m working on– get feedback.  If I show it to them, it makes me more excited about what I’m doing
  • make something else, like cookies or a little sewing project, to remind me that making stuff is fun
  • use some tools– find an excuse to cut some wood, or use my power tool (power is empowering)
  • take a good walk with Willow to get me out of the house and moving

What do you do?

The Arsonist, 2008, mixed media on canvas, Judith Joseph

The Arsonist, 2008, mixed media on canvas, Judith Joseph


One response to “What Makes You Hot? (Creatively)

  1. I read art books…on clay, paper, Rembrandt, Gees Bend Quilts, Picasso’s dachshund “Lump.” That usually gets my creative juices flowing!


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