Silk Painting: New Work

I have made 11 new silk scarves, hand-dyed, salt-treated, over-painted with dyes and metallic fabric paints.  They are available at PerficalSense Gallery Holiday Gift Sale, 1127 Florence, Evanston, IL,Dec. 4-5, 3-7 p.m.

It was tricky to photograph them this morning.  Providence provided me with a sunny morning (a rarity lately!) which was very lucky, but there was a bit of a cold wind out on my deck, where I take my art photos.   My luck held:  my dog didn’t walk on the silk and it didn’t blow away across my back yard.

Speaking of silk and providence, many brides who were married right after WWII used parachute silk for their wedding gowns.  All the available silk had gone into war production for parachutes, so the surplus post-war parachutes were the only source of silk.  I guess you could call it the ultimate soft landing.


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