Move over, Elijah!

Passover is coming, and many people will be adding a Miriam’s Cup to the Seder table.  Traditionally, a cup of wine is filled for the prophet Elijah.  In recent years, a cup of water has been added to honor Miriam (Moses’ sister), who was present on the exodus from Egypt.  A Midrash teaches us that a miraculous well accompanied the Hebrews throughout their journey in the desert, providing them with water. This well was a gift by God to Miriam, to honor her bravery and devotion to the Jewish people.  At the shore of the Red Sea, after being delivered from the pursuit of the Egyptian soldiers, Miriam and her women friends sang and danced a song of thanksgiving with their tambourines. Miriam is a symbol of hope, leadership and women’s friendships.

In her honor, and to add to our Passover Seder celebrations, I have created a cobalt blue Miriam’s cup:

My Miriam’s Cup is $55, including shipping. Order by April 1 to ensure it arrives in time for Passover Seder.  Click here to order.

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