Sunrise Ketubah

Sunrise Ketubah

I just finished this ketubah.  It makes me yearn for little spring buds and new green leaves.

2 responses to “Sunrise Ketubah

  1. Judith your work warms my heart and lifts my spirit I wish I understood your writings in that you would translate the meaning of the messages. A wonderful piece this! Bring on Spring I say!


  2. Thank you, Catherine! I will tell you what it says: it is a ketubah (marriage contract.) It is a 2,000-year-old text, in which the husband promises to support, sustain and respect his wife, and the wife promises to be a good wife. It also says that he will grant her a cash settlement in the event of a divorce. It is, essentially, an ancient pre-nup! It was written to ensure the security of women and children.

    Yes, I am SO ready for spring!!


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