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Wedding Centerpiece/ Table NumberI now understand why mothers who plan weddings end up becoming professional party planners.  My son and his fiancee planned their wedding, for the most part.   Since I am a painter and calligrapher specializing in the Ketubah (decorated Jewish marriage contract), I happily volunteered to help with the d.i.y. creative touches.

The wedding was at a very colorful restaurant venue in Chicago.  The environment was over-the-top colorful and gorgeous, so it didn’t seem necessary to spend lots of money on decorative flowers, aside from the bouquets and boutonnieres, which were beautiful.  We only had to come up with something for the tables.  Here is the  colorful, low-cost centerpiece I designed, which doubled as a table number marker. for their wedding.  I have included sources  for materials:

I ordered cobalt blue wine bottles from Amazon.com by the case, bought artificial Gerbera daisy flowers on sale at Hobby Lobby, and filled it out with tissue paper flowers I made with the bride and her mom (a fun afternoon!)  I prepared for our flower making by covering  3/4″ wood drilled balls (Hobby Lobby)  with white glue and glitter.  Next, I threaded a pipe cleaner through the glitter ball  to create the flower center.  We folded the tissue paper, accordion-style, and wrapped the pipe cleaner around it before fanning out the tissue around the glitter ball.

For the bottles, I painted a number on one side of the bottle and a monogram I created with the couple’s initials on the other.  The acrylic paint will wash off, and I can repurpose the bottles (I have two more sons, unmarried as yet!)  This was a very inexpensive centerpiece and we got lots of compliments–very festive and colorful.


2 responses to “Random Creative Stuff

  1. Judith, the homeade center pieces were absolutely fun to look at and festive , made with love by everyone. Your new daughter in law I think was a good catch since she understands that spending even $1000 on flowers
    Is a waste. Good job


  2. Thank you, Mary! My new daughter-in-law is a good catch for a million reasons, and her good sense is just the beginning! ♥


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