This blog is dedicated to helping people find their creative zone and master artistic techniques for joyous expression.  As an artist and painting instructor, I pay attention to what works for people as they pursue their creative goals, and that is what I present here.

I write about how artists manage to make a living, organize their work day and studios, network with each other and impact their communities.    I seek out artists who are productive and successful,  interview them, and discuss what can be learned from their approach.   I also speak from and about my own experiences making art every day.

Are you interested in learning creative practices and pitfalls from other artists? If so, please subscribe to my blog (see column at right.)  Do you have an idea for me to write about?  You can add your comments/ideas below.

My artistic specialty is the ketubah and painting, which can be found on my website:  http://www.judithjosephstudio.com

Monogram Ketubah, by Judith Joseph

Monogram Ketubah, by Judith Joseph

 Judith Joseph is an artist and art educator, teaching painting classes at the Art Center, Highland Park, Illinois and the Chicago Botanic Garden, among others.  In her early professional life, she worked as a free-lance art critic and journalist and was published in the New Art Examiner and Format Magazine.  This blog marks a return to writing about art.

(View resume at:  http://www.judithjosephstudio.com/resume.html )

19 responses to “About

  1. Leslie Pomerance

    What a wonderful idea. I just took a visit to your website and remembered how much I loved your work with all of its beautiful colors. I look forward to your writings.



    • Hey Leslie! You’re the very first person to post a comment here. Thank you for your kind remarks. I think it will be fun to think about how we artists do what we do, and hear from each other about it. I hope your work is going well, I can see your turquoise glazes now.


  2. Judith,
    You go, my artist friend. Creativity at work.
    Nice going. Will be back and visit again and often.
    All the best,


  3. Thank you, Amy– I’d love to write about what you do.


  4. nice going Jude. I luv it. i will be back.


  5. Ditto what Leslie wrote! I also visited your website and was impressed all over again by your painting and how vibrant and creative it is. I also shared your work with an artist friend who was over. I am having a show at the Northbrook Public Library during the month of August. Check it out and tell me what you think!


  6. As always, you are on the cutting edge of “communication” and the rest of us appreciate it. I could use some inspiration and reading your words might just do it.


  7. So glad to hear from you, and your project.
    I appreciated your feedback after our participation in the ARC Exhibit and panel discussion, and have since been working on creating a website. I will send the link to you next week, after making more changes. It is in rough stage now, includes my art and art collection. I am adding text.
    It was wonderful to be able to talk about art process, with you, especially our common experience of “reverse archeology” in our work.
    I am in midst of “life review”, in my growing website, such a fantastic and interesting project!


  8. It’s an interesting idea and may be useful. I know for me, staying creative through the day, much less my life is a struggle. With all the details of life and then the details of running my own consulting, teaching, etc I get run-down. I used to have a t-shirt called “Running On Empty” from the album by Jackson Browne. And that’s what it feels like. Anyway, sounds interesting and if I can contribute as things go along, I will.


    • I hearya, I know that t-shirt! That song runs through my head a lot, too; also, The Pretender (especially the parts about “struggling for the legal tender” and “coulda been a contender”.) Incidentally, I just saw Jackson Browne perform at Ravinia, and he was amazing! Best performance I’ve seen in years, he seems renewed. So, if he’s still running, it gives me hope that we can, too.


  9. shirley hutchinson

    hi judith, what a wonderful website. just loved your paintings. will look forward to your writings and comments in the future. take care, shirley


  10. Judith,
    I am thrilled I”m on your mailing list. Love your website and wouldn’t want to miss it for all the egg tempra in the mid west.

    You’re an inspriation and i look forward to many visits with you.

    Your amazing.


  11. Congratulations on your new blog, Judith! Coincidentally, at the very time you sent it I was giving a talk for my book, “Hours of Devotion,” to my Torah study group. I told them about our remarkable connection and even pointed out your work, which is proudly hanging on my living room wall! Maybe it’s a sign that I need to do more writing on this Thanks for the inspiration!


  12. Wonderful to hear from you, Dinah! I’m glad you were thinking of me while talking about your beautiful book, and our connection that came about because of your research. Please keep me up to date on what’s going on with you!


  13. Hello there Judith,

    I discovered you wonderful work on the Egg Tempera Society site. I was looking for work that I related to , and found your’s! Wow I love what you do, but also very excited to see you are such a proactive artist as well. I have been using egg tempera for not so long but have fallen head over heels in love with this medium after being a dyed in the wool realist oil painter for many, many years. A few years back went through a artistic awakening of sorts and made a change. Change is good!

    Any way I am so pleased to learn that you have this blog also, and have subscribe. I very much look forward to your posts! I relate to you subject matter very much. Thank you for this site and I am thrilled to have found you! Catherine Meyers


    • Hi Catherine,
      It’s nice to hear from you! Thank you for your kind words. I checked out your blog and website, and enjoyed seeing your art. I can see the connection between your work and mine– I enjoyed your “Tree of Life” imagery and Celtic knots very much! You are a great storyteller, too.

      Egg tempera is a wonderful medium, truly unlike any other. If you need any info on finding supplies and materials, or ideas on how to work with it, please feel free to contact me.

      I congratulate you for returning to school to complete your degree. It sounds like we’re about the same age, and I imagine it’s a challenge to wrap your brain around classes at this stage of life. But, a good challenge, no doubt!

      Enjoy the holidays way up there in New Brunswick, and may 2012 bring you health, joy and creative fulfillment! Judith


  14. Hello Judith. Thank you for your quick response to my comment, for visiting my site, following me on twitter, and for your kind comments!

    Yes egg tempera is truly like any other mediums, one of the many things I love about it.

    Thank you for your offer of helping me. I will have to make a list of questions, and will forward them.

    Currently I am the only student in the Fine Art Program at Mount Allison University using egg tempera. It is a great irony as this University once had teachers that only taught this method, now there are none, which I believe is a big loss.

    Yes I went back to school at 56 and will be graduating this coming Spring, four months to go!!! It has be challenging to say the least but so worth it!

    Wishing you all the very best for the holidays Judith, and for 2012! Here’s to the creative life!


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