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My Rain Barrel with Mayor Daley

Rain Barrel with Dog

Our artist-painted rain barrels were chosen as the backdrop for Mayor Daley’s press conference to create ” green ” jobs for former inmates.  The Mayor’s address was held at the Center for Green Technology. The barrels were positioned on the stage behind the mayor.  You can see mine smack behind the Mayor at the very beginning, before he steps to the podium.   It sounds like a great idea!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBhXN_KOscE

Making It Work In Wilmette

 Carol Ysla Battrell in her Wilmette Gallery, with paintings by Ann O'Brien in the background

Carol Ysla Battrell is an artist and gallerist in Wilmette, Illinois.  She provides portrait photography for her clientele while presenting gallery exhibitions in her elegant space at 150 Laurel Avenue in Wilmette (1/2 block from the Linden Avenue Metra station).

She has an excellent eye for painting, photography and sculpture and offers work that is well-crafted, relevant and sometimes whimsical.  Her opening receptions have been packed, for the most part.  She sees some reticence in buyers due to the recession, but says that people are still looking at art and buying what moves them.

In addition to her work as a photographer/portrait artist, Carol creates exquisite, intricate drawings that are both folkloric in appearance and oddly obsessive.

Drawing by Carol Ysla Battrell, archival inks and colored pencil

Drawing by Carol Ysla Battrell, archival inks and colored pencil

For Gallery and Carol’s photographic portfolio, see:  http://www.carolbattrell.com/

For Carol’s drawings, see:  http://www.carolbattrellfineart.com/

For Ann O’Brien’s paintings, see:  http://annpatrickobrien.com/